Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something About Money You Don't Know

Money. It's the universal currency that all civilized human beings are familiar with. So what is money? Or precisely, how do you see money?

Money means differently to everyone. It can represent power and authority. A measurement of success or contribution. Maybe happiness?

Perhaps, some see it as only a piece of paper and they earn it just so that they can carry on with their lives. Once it's finished spent, they'll work again to earn it.

Now that you know what money is, consider the difference between money and wealth. Money relates to your income where else wealth is define on the assets you have and how they're being used. True wealth has nothing to do with how much money you have in your bank or the car you drive. It's the sense of well-being, knowing you are "RICH", it does not need to be seen by anyone but just you.

As how many people view money in different ways, power, authority, happiness and so on, some also sees it as a relationship. Clarifying your relationship with money will determine whether money is your master or slave, who is controlling who.

So the relationship between you and your money is something stressful or a healthy one?

You see, if it's giving you negative impact, no wonder you're not striking gold. Simply because your unconscious mind will prevent you from pain and push it away. You've heard about this a million time so I'm not going to write more about it.

The only way for you to know the answer is to look in the mirror and face the truth, because all of us hated or feared money at one time or another in our life.

When I was broke, money means a lot to me but that does not means I like it. Because the lack of it, I suffered pain. I was broke. But noted that I was never poor. You can take my money away and make me broke, but I will strive to stand up and play the money game again, and win because I now know how's the game is being played. So the only way to overcome disassociation with money is to accept money into your life without fear or shame.

So if you want to be financially wealthy, don't just sit and practice Law Of Attraction! It's more than that. You should implement The Success Trace!

Here's the combination to attract money:

Right Mindset + Right Attitude + A Solid Plan + Proven Techniques + Taking Actions = $$$ Into Your Pocket

Right mindset could be how to attract money into your life. Attitude? You can start with being patient to obtain wealth. Solid plan will mean knowing what you want to achieve and how you're going to get there. Techniques are yours to choose. Taking actions need no explanatory and this is the part that most failed.

So what does money means to you and how you make it to be on your side? Your homework for today is to know The Success Trace and it'll definitely make you become a richer person.

I would strongly recommend Patric Chan. He is an international speaker, author and the founder of The Success Trace.

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