Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Happen To Your Dream

I was sipping a cup of coffee at Star Bucks yesterday in a shopping mall.

As I was sitting there, I saw a friend of mine going up the escalator and he was wearing an employment badge. I think it was, Intel.

You see, it's been years since I last saw him.

And I could remember the last time we met. I could remember him as a fully motivated person. Someone who is passionate about realizing his dream to be financially free one day. He told me that 3 years from that day, he'll buy the house and car he wants and travel overseas for vacation each year with his wife. Beautiful young couple.

A goal getter, he was. Probably still is. He was in multi-level marketing (MLM) business and each day, he'll meet someone to share his business opportunity. I mean, you like to be with him because of the positive energy that vibrates. Of course, he'll try to talk you into MLM business but that's another story. (smile)

What's weird is, why is he wearing an employment badge from Intel today?

I don't get it. How come he stopped pursuing the MLM business and went back to a job that wasn't his ideal lifestyle?

Hold on. Don't ever think that employment is bad and you got to quit your job, etc because I'm not talking about that. I think many jobs offer fulfillment for many people. If this is not true, I wouldn't be employing my team members.

I'm talking about my friend here. Employment is ideal for others but I know it's not for him but he ends up there.

It's probably because he did not achieve his goal to be self-employed or became a business owner. So the closest resolution is to get back to work, since he has a degree in electronic engineering.

Do I feel sorry for him? No. Do I feel sad for him? No. It's just choices and there's a possibility that he finds fulfillment in his job now. What I felt is, wasted. Wasted dream when it's so near and yet, so far.

In life, many people throw in the towel when life's not working towards their favor.

But isn't that just life?

I'm not in any position to justify my friend's decision. That would be so inconsiderate and playing smart when I'm not. But what happen to his dream? To his goal? To be a speaker motivating hundreds or thousands of people and touching their hearts?

Where did that all go?

Somewhere at the bottom in his heart. I'm sure it's still there if opportunity arises again. But he might not do it again anymore because so much work is required now to start the "engine".

In your pursue of success, you're going to be battered with obstacles one after another like nobody's business. I'm not freaking you out. I'm telling you straight to your face so that you're all prepared and will know how to overcome them.

Always have faith in what you do. It's like the light that shines on you when everything is dark. Just like what Patric shares in The Success Trace.

Then you must have hope. A hope that you know soon to be a reality. That's something worth for you to do what you're doing today.

I don't want to sound rude but I think my friend has a lot of motivation but lack of hope and faith in his ability.

I could imagine where he will be if he had held on his faith and hope that he'll be successful today, after 3 years. Probably even richer than I am and work less because MLM business gives such powerful leverage.

I can't teach you about faith because I'm not a spiritual guru, neither a religion expert. But one thing for sure it's always there in you. So I'm leaving it to your own capability to allow faith to hold you through your journey of success, with a few bumps here and there.

Once you quit, it's going to be hard to come up again because your heart, mind and soul will feel tired. It feels like starting from scratch again and that doesn't sound anything fun.

So don't let that kind of things to happen! You should by now following The Success Trace! If you want to achieve something, could be anything that you're pursuing now, don't ever quit. Keep this a promise to me, will you?

You can take a break, smell some roses. But never quit. Or else you'll be someone looking down when going up the escalator.

I would strongly recommend Patric Chan. He is an international speaker, author and the founder of The Success Trace.

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