Friday, June 3, 2011

I Was Lucky

My story is nothing inspirational compare to those who had gone through extreme adversity to be successful today. There are people who were bankrupt, lost their family, lost their legs or hands, living on the street, etc but risen up to success. I was not in any of these categories; I am a regular guy who was lucky.

First, I was lucky to discover that there are such things as personal development stuff out there when I was young. That is the fastest way to learn.

At the same time, I was also being lied into believing that all of this stuff works too. For instance, when I was doing sales by selling greeting cards from door-to-door last time, I read a motivational book. Problem is, the advice was stupid but I took it without a second thought. The book said that I should be persistence and ignore all of the rejections because I can do it. That's partially true but doesn't apply to everyone.

Now, that concept works but it's stupid because it's teaching me to work hard like a dog than working smart.

By end of the day, I would be very tired physically and mentally. Imagine walking under the hot Sun selling cards to passerby and being ignored and sometimes, being scolded. Then continue doing that because "I can". Now, how smart is that success strategy?

I was lucky to meet direct and indirect mentors in my life. Two people that I have learned immensely from are Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki when I was young.

I'm talking about total immersion. I've bought almost all of their books/ courses even when I wasn't having a lot of money at that time and attended their seminars when I can afford.

As you can tell by now, there's no one secret to success. There are plenty of them like what you can learn in The Success Trace.

Another of my success secret, which is known by most people but they're just plain ignorant or egoistic to admit or accept is this, to learn from others. I understand the value of learning from other people and even if I already knew the answer, I will still seek for more wisdom.

If you come to my house, you'll see books and courses about Law of Attraction because I'm doing my best to learn this success principle.

For instance, I already know what Robert Kiyosaki is going to teach again in his seminar but I'll still try to attend. He could be telling the story of his Rich Dad for the 10th times, but throughout the seminar, I will bring home at least one value that will worth more than 10 times my investment.

To me, I wasn't looking for the magic pill when I’m learning. I'm just looking for the "Aha" moment. When I go through programs, instead of thinking, "is this program worth it", my mind is only focus to get one value. Let's say I spend $15 for a book and I don't learn anything except for getting one value, it's definitely worth more than $15 because it'll be with me forever. $15 will be gone tomorrow.

I was lucky to understand about "abundance" many years ago. Abundance work in many forms. Especially when it comes to obtaining wisdom. No matter how much you share your knowledge, it won't deplete. It doesn't mean that if you share 50%, then you'll only have 50% left. As a matter of fact, it'll increase from 100% to 110% or more because when you share, you'll uncover new information. At the same time, when you're learning, don't be despair if you feel like you're not getting anything from a course, otherwise, you're living in a scarcity world of greed.

I was lucky to fail many times in my life. This also has to do with over-absorption of personal development stuff that doesn't work (smile). Because I was able to fail many times, I can afford to get back into the game again. I'm not talking of major failures like bankruptcy and stuff like that. Thank God I don't have to go through those. Remember, I'm a regular guy like you and the rest of the people in the world. A regular guy who was lucky enough to be where I am today.

There's a saying that there is no such thing as failure but a new learning curve. I like that thought but that's more like thinking positive, you know. If you keep on doing this "positive thinking" thingy, it might work for you well or you can also lose it all if your mind's not strong enough. That's your call.

I was able to realize that failure is just part of the game of success. You can't win all the time. You have to lose once in a while and get that into your brain. Each time Michael Jordan makes a shot to the basket, it’s not always an accurate shot. Or when Tiger Woods hits the ball, it doesn’t always go in the hole. They "lose" too but at the end of the day, they win.

I was also lucky to be ridiculed and mocked.

I have a dream, to become a millionaire before 30. They laugh at me, of course not in my face. When I attend personal improvement seminars, attendees who are already successful don't seem to enjoy my company because they don't see the benefit of mixing with a loser. Some even brushed me away. Well, I achieved my dream and found The Success Trace before I reach 30.

When I said I want to buy a big car, they ask me not to dream too much because I was just riding a motorcycle that time. Look who’s laughing now.

People tend to ridicule you when you're not like them because they don't have the potential to achieve what you want to achieve - some don't even dare to dream. Let them do that to you and the best part is when you can prove them wrong. Not because you're trying to feed your own ego, but be kind to inspire them of possibilities.

I was lucky.

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